SHUNGA Secret Garden Orgasm Cream

SHUNGA Secret Garden Orgasm Cream
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Brand: Shunga
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"Secret Garden" is a natural and safe topical cream that, when applied to the genital area, acts as a stimulant and increases sensation. When applied to a woman's genital area, it penetrates the soft surface tissue creating an exhilarating, warming, cooling or tingling sensation. Its unique SSG formulation, containing natural extracts and specific amino acids, such as L-Arginine and L-Ornithine, relaxes the soft tissue in the vagina, generating sexual desire. L-Arginine initiates arousal by instanteously increasing blood flow and sensitivity, while L-Ornithine maintains arousal. "Secret Garden" is used by women of all ages to induce orgasm, increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm, and experience sexual fulfilment.

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