FunFactory Share XL

FunFactory Share XL
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Brand: Fun Factory
Product Code: FUN25008
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With SHARE XL pairs can delve into a world of heightened passion. The structured end of the double dildo is somewhat longer and the elevated ridges slightly larger in diameter than the original SHARE. The additional curvatures intensify stimulation and unleash intense surprises. Use it to seductively indulge you and your playmate and create your own unique love games.

The active partner glides the shorter end into the vagina, using the longer end to stimulate her playmate. The slightly elevated ridge on the shorter end guarantees optimal hold. While penetrating the passive partner, the active partner experiences clitoral stimulation and a gentle g-spot massage. SHARE XL delivers mutual moments of passion without a harness.

Special features * indulges both the active and passive partner * scooped base offers hold without compromising freedom of movement * adapts perfectly to the body * defined structure * strong, powerful and semi-natural shape

STUBS are made of 100% silicone! They are flexible without losing the necessary firmness, are gentle to the body, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. If cooled or warmed, in the bathtub or on terra firma – they guarantee diversified stimulation.

Lengths of inserted parts:

    active part: 10 cm
    passive part: 18 cm

Ø toy-peak active part: 3,8 cm Ø toy-peak passive part: 3,5 cm

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